Rhondium is excited to announce the new McDonald Matrix Band will soon be available as part of the One Visit Crown (OVC3) system. The McDonald Matrix Band has been specifically designed to enhance the ease of the One Visit Crown procedure.

“We listened to our customers – The McDonald Matrix band has been specifically developed to make the placement of the One Visit Crown more predictable and reliable. Based on the feedback so far and clinical testing, we think this is one of the best matrix bands ever developed.” Dr. Simon McDonald

Features of the new technology include:

  • Tooth specific anatomical contours
  • An easily adjustable front-facing mechanism
  • Tofflemire-like tightness without the downsides
  • Compact design – doesn’t get in your way
One Visit Crown OVC3 system 3D animation typodont

What the international dental community is saying about the McDonald Matrix BandTM

“Oh! Wow! Oh, that’s incredible! Look at that! I have been just salivating about these ever since I saw the initial idea of the design.” – John Fluke DDS, Technology Editor, and Chief Dental Editor Dental Products Report

“I’d say it’s as close to perfection as I have ever seen in dentistry when it comes to matrices.” – Graeme Milicich BDS, Anglesea Clinic Dental Care, New Zealand

“What I like it is the simplicity of this. There is no wheel to turn, it’s just so simple. And if I need to I can loosen it. I can reseat and I can tighten it again if I need to.” – Karen Comisi, EFDA Sleep Focused Solutions, LLC, Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.

“I’m very happy with the product, that’s why I am here to meet Dr. Simon McDonald to get more information because I really think this is going to be the future of restorative dentistry.” – Dr. Ben Malabanan, General Dentist, Guam

“Oh, that’s very simple. I like that. I like that because what you have here is no major flash below the preparation and everywhere else, the clean up will be very easy.” – John C Comisi, DDS, MAGD, Medical University of South Carolina, USA

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