Dentist Testimonials

This product will change restorative dentistry in a way no other product has done since I graduated dental school in 1989.

I’m very excited about using the OVC3. I’ve placed about 6 units and the learning curve is minimal and the results are outstanding and better in the patients mouth.

Dr Ben Malabanan Jr, Ben Malabanan Jr DDS PC

Great of the best inventions in recent times.

Dr Vinoth Arumugam, V Care Dental

I like it! A really good conservative option for patients and clinicians.

Dr Errol Kilov, Maven Dental

A revolutionary single visit full crown procedure that does not require CAD/CAM.  Every dentist should try this to see where this fits in their practice.

Dr John Flucke DDS, Flucke & Associates Dentistry

It’s a great product.  I can place it in one visit and my patients love it.    I offer it to all my patients and it’s been working out great in my practice.

Dr James Orrington Jnr, Chatham Dental Care

I’m really happy with the whole concept and they do get easier to place when you have a few under your belt. My first one I did in November last year, when I saw the patient at recall recently he was so happy with the original one that he has booked for another.

I have seen results on patients in recall and the One Visit Crowns are gorgeous!

Dr Heather Weber, Alameda Dental, Portland OR

I’ve been following the evolution of the One Visit Crown and I really think that version three has nailed it.  It’s a much easier technique that produces fabulous contours.

Dr Graeme Milicich, Anglesea Dental Centre

Finally, an immediate chair-side solution for my patients who need an affordable full occlusal restoration with great esthetics. I’m happy, my patients are happy!

Dr Marty Jablow, DMD, Dental Technology Coach

The truly innovative One Visit Crown from Rhondium is an excellent, single-appointment, chairside, full-coverage restorative option.

Dr. George Freedman, DDS, Freeman Gold Step Smiles

The One Visit Crowns gives our patients an economical alternative to a lab fabricated restorative.

The One Visit Crown is a win-win solution for both dentists and patients – it eliminates lab-fees, increases affordability for patients, and the procedure is completed in a single visit.

Dr John Comisi DDS, Dental Care With A Difference

This clever and simple system can provide an affordable, conservative and esthetic restoration in a single visit. What patient would not be interested to learn more?
The One Visit Crown gives you the potential to grow your practice offering a service patients will seek out.

Dr Michael Miyasaki DDS, Miyasaki Dental Sacremento

The One Visit Crown option has been readily accepted by my patients, AND myself. The selling point on both sides of the mirror seems to be the provision of a definitive non-metal restoration with an acceptable prognosis for heavily restored back teeth, without excessive tooth reduction.

Dr Gary Mitchelmore, Dannevirke Family Dental

Review after one year and 43 cases: I love it, it is a top quality product.

Dr Fred M. Timmermans MSc dent, Marlborough Dental Implant Centre

For me, One Visit Crown is a great option to restore most broken teeth when the conventional crown or large composite flg. become a weak option. It looks great, does strengthen the tooth and is cost effective.

Dr Sergi Antipenko BDS, Lumino The Dentists
One Visit Crown is very interesting and easy to work on. I think it is a brilliant idea, a fair cost, has excellent strength and is very good esthetically.
I like to work with it and my patients love it.
Dr Haval Al-Atroushi BDS, Waiuku Dental

This is a fantastic option for deteriorated teeth which need full cuspal coverage but where any further removal of tooth structure will weaken it. The clinical procedure is easy to master and not much of tooth removal needed. It has increased my restorative component of my Surgical practice a lot, as One Visit Crown offers an in-house solution in a single visit which ticks all the boxes in my busy clinical practice.

Dr Keith Chiang BDS, Fendalton Dental